Leysis Smith

Born and raised in Cuba, Leysis began her career at the tender age of seven, at the classical school,  all’Avana, under the direction of Alicia Alonso. At the end of high school, Leysis, prepared herself to take exams, for Danza Moderna, to enter the ENA (National School of Art) in Cuba. After studying for a year at the school, Leysis decided to study contemporary dance and gained admittance to the school of Narciso Medina (first ballerino in Cuba).

Leysis auditions for the most famous and respected Cabaret in Cuba and the World “Tropicana” under the direction of Santiago Alfonso. She passes all her exams in Modern, Folklore, Popular Dance, Adagio, Musicality, Repertoire and Makeup.

Leysis becomes a resident in Italy and began to teach Cuban dance and ladies styling classes. As well as being invited to teach and perform at various dance festival and congresses throughout the year.

As well as invited to Latin events all over Europe as instructor and performer almost every other weekend, Leysis has founded her own Academy of Cuban dance in Bologna, Italy.

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